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“Wat een toprijschool! Ben in één keer geslaagd...”

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Reviews: ★★★★★ 5/5

Driving School

At English Driving School Veenstra, we go beyond just guiding you during your driving lessons. Our goal is shared: to help you obtain your driver’s licence!

  • Free and non-binding trial lesson
  • High success rate
  • Personal lesson plan
  • Always a tailor-made lesson package
  • Spread payment possible
  • Start immediately (from 16.5 years)
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Competitive prices
  • Always a flexible instructor nearby

Driving School Veenstra in Zoetermeer, Benthuizen, Bergschenhoek, Berkel en Rodenrijs, Bleiswijk, Leidschenveen and Pijnacker; experienced instructors with a passion for teaching!

Request a trial lesson

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Start immediately

There are no waiting times, you can start driving lessons right away.

From 16.5 years

At the age of 17, your driving license is already in your hands!

Spread payments

Pay the budget-friendly lesson package of your choice in installments.

Free trial lesson

The trial lesson at Driving School Veenstra is really COMPLETELY free!

I am looking for a reliable driving school with a good reputation

If you have a driver’s license, there are many advantages. It offers freedom, you are independent of others and it also gives you more options when looking for work. But what is the best driving school for you? A good indication is the success rate. In that respect, Autorijschool Veenstra is the right place for you. Our success rate is very high and we are proud of it. 

  • Free and non-binding trial lesson
  • High success rate
  • Guaranteed quality

Most students come to us through other students. That is also the best and most reliable recommendation. Of course you want to make the right decision, which is why we offer a free trial lesson; really free! You are not committed to anything but you get to know the instructor, the car and a lesson. After the trial lesson, the instructor has an idea of how many lessons you will probably need. He/she will tell you all about the packages we have, the prices and then the choice is yours!

Driving school

What can we help you with?

Below you can see the courses with which we can be of service to you.

Driving lessons

Driver’s license for persons from 16.5 years.

Refresh driving lessons

Refresher cours for anyone with a driver’s license.

Driving School Veenstra

Automobile Driving School Veenstra 

You will find the best rates for exam-oriented driving lessons with us. Our lesson packages are affordable and we always have a lesson package tailored to your needs. You can easily pay this in installments at Driving School Veenstra.

  • Always a flexible instructor nearby
  • Personal lesson plan
  • Start immediately (from 16.5 years)

Of course you are not obliged to purchase full packages and you can also opt for individual lessons, then you will only miss out on the package benefit. It may also happen that you need extra lessons because, for example, you have difficulty with certain parts of driving. In order to help you as cheaply as possible, we have also put together affordable follow-up packages for you.

Separate driving lessons and affordable packages

At Car Driving School Veenstra, choose single lessons or affordable packages. We offer follow-up packages to make extra lessons cheaper. Take advantage of our package benefits and pay in installments.



  • 20 lessons of 75 min
  • 1 intermediate test
  • 1 practical exam
  • Pay in 5 installments



  • 150 minute lesson
  • Completely non-binding
  • Cheap intro lesson
  • Permanent instructor



  • 30 lessons of 75 min
  • 1 intermediate test
  • 1 practical exam
  • Pay in 6 installments

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Start your English driving lessons now

At Automotive School Veenstra, we strive to ensure that you are in a good way in order to maintain your B license. Our instructors have worked in their own environment, which has resulted in a considerably high level of success. After having a driving licence B you can drive cars up to 3500 kg.

  • Always a tailor-made lesson package
  • Spread payment possible
  • Competitive prices

Automobile driving school Veenstra offers English driving lessons to help you obtain your B-driving license. Our learning, including that of others who have been learning, has been regarded in the quality of the learning. Rely on our experienced instructors to guide you in operating shifts in a manual car. With patient guidance and useful tips and tricks, you will quickly become familiar with this skill. Rest assured, trust us, and above all, trust yourself!

Car driving lessons
Refresher driving lessons

Refresher driving lessons

Do you have your driver’s license, but are you not more sure behind the wheel? At Driving School Vееnstra, we understand that it can sometimes be difficult to drive again after a long time or to acquire spеcfiеk driving skills. That’s why we offer refresher lessons at a discounted rate. Whether you haven’t ridden more in a long time, are unsure about certain driving skills, or have fears about driving again, we are here to help you.

  • Extra attention to parts of your choice
  • Confidently behind the wheel again
  • Overcome your fears

Our experienced instructors provide personal guidance and support so that you can regain your self-confidence on the road, step by step. Whether you have difficulty with fast driving, parking, reversing, driving in the dark, or other specific driving skills, at Driving School Vееnstra you can practice until you feel confident. Do not hesitate to contact us today to take the first step to feeling confident behind the steering wheel.

10 Reasons to choose Driving School Veenstra

The English driving school

  • Free and non-binding trial lesson
  • High success rate
  • Personal lesson plan
  • Always a tailor-made lesson package
  • Spread payment possible
  • Start immediately, no waiting
  • Lessons from 16.5 years possible
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Competitive prices
  • Always a flexible instructor nearby
Driving school automobile


Read below the Google reviews of students who have obtained their driving license with us.


Ifa Arifah


As non-dutch native speaker, I can recommend this place if you want to get your driving license. I was coached by Zidane, and he was so patient with me. He always offer me drinks (after session). Apart from that, he really can tell if you are ready or not, as he wished nothing but his students to pass the exam. Joey is also very approachable person. I would say this is a very recommended driving school!


martijn weers


My daughter passed in her first time. A top performance after 22 lessons. There were some planning problems from my daughter, which were solved very well by the flexible planning.




A few months ago I passed both my interim test and practical exam in one go thanks to the instructors of this driving school. This driving school is highly recommended! They are very flexible with times and really put you at ease.




Really a top driving school!
Because of them I now have every confidence in myself to hit the road alone. They really want the best for you and do their best to help you build as much confidence as possible for the exam.
Thanks to their guidance and patience, I now look back on my exam with great satisfaction and will be happy to hit the road later.


Thomas Hendriksen


Thanks for all the trust and the great lessons! Nothing would have happened without your help. Special thanks for Zidane and Joey. My fiancée has learned a lot and thanks to you she passed!




I am so grateful to Joey and Zidane for all the good tips and explanations. Always had a lot of fun during the lessons. Top people with passion for their work! Highly recommended for anyone who still has to get their driver’s license.
Thank you Driving School Veenstra

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find the frequently asked questions along with the answers.

Who will give me driving lessons?

You can choose your driving instructor yourself. You can choose from both male and female instructors.

Is the trial lesson free?

Yes, the trial lesson is completely free with us!

How long does the trial lesson last?

The trial lesson consists of approximately 30 minutes driving lesson and with some time afterwards for questions and discussion.

Can I pay per driving lesson?

You can also take individual lessons with us and therefore pay per lesson. Of course it is much cheaper for you to purchase a lesson package.

Can you drive a scooter with a car driver's license?

Of course you can! Are you at that lее age where you can start driving lessons? Then you don’t have to spend extra money for a scooter driver’s licence. The nice thing is that when you obtain your B driving licence, you automatically get the AM driving license (scootе driving licence)!

What makes us so unique?

  • Free and non-binding trial lesson
  • High success rate
  • Personal lesson plan
  • Always a tailor-made lesson package
  • Spread payment possible
  • Start immediately (from 16.5 years)
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Competitive prices
  • Always a flexible instructor nearby

Driving School Veenstra – The driving school near you in Zoetermeer and surroundings

Do you live in Zoetermeer or in nearby places and would you like to get your driver’s license? Then you are in the right place at Driving School Veenstra! If you’re wondering “where is a driving school near me?”, below you can see the places where we are active.

If you live in one of these places, you can take high-quality driving lessons at competitive rates at Driving School Veenstra.


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Driving School Veenstra

Discover our personal attention and effective driving courses in Zoetermeer and the surrounding area. Register now for a free and non-binding trial lesson at Driving School Veenstra.

At Driving School Veenstra we strive for the best driving training in Zoetermeer and the surrounding area. Our core values are learning with pleasure, professionalism, personal attention, a pleasant feeling and reliability. Our instructors offer a personalized lesson plan and guidance during every step of your driving education.

Our driving lessons are suitable for beginners and experienced drivers who want to improve their skills. We offer different packages so you can choose what best suits your needs and budget. Our rates are competitive and you can pay in installments, so that driving lessons are accessible to everyone.

We constantly innovate and evolve our teaching methods, so that we can optimally prepare our students for ever-changing traffic situations. This makes you a safe and responsible driver who can take to the road with confidence. Driving school Veenstra not only pays attention to the practical skills needed to pass the driving test, but also to the theoretical knowledge that comes with it. 

Driving lesson
Veenstra driving school

Free trial lesson at Driving School Veenstra

Our free trial lesson is really free. No snags, no ifs and buts. A great opportunity to meet the instructor who will give careful advice afterwards about the number of lessons you will need to succeed in one go. Accelerate and sign up for a free trial lesson in Zoetermeer and surroundings!

Driving school Veenstra has experienced instructors with a passion for teaching and attention for every student. It is not for nothing that the success rate of Driving School Veenstra is high. The best English Driving School!

English driving lesson

Do you want to take driving lessons in Zoetermeer and surroundings? Choose Driving School Veenstra as your driving school for English driving lessons. We offer tailor-made driving lessons, a high success rate and flexible instructors. Our goal is to let you get behind the wheel with confidence and a pleasant feeling.

The instructors at Driving School Veenstra do more than sit next to you. In this way, the instructor and you have insight into the progress and we can book a practical exam at the right time. Because the ultimate goal is the same for everyone: get your driver’s license!

Contact us today to schedule your free trial lesson. Discover for yourself why so many students choose Driving School Veenstra and become a safe and responsible driver. We look forward to welcoming you to our driving school and working with you on your success on the road!

Driving lessons
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